1925 Peignoir Japonais

La Semaine de Suzette
1925 Peignoir Japonais
Last fall I attended the estate sale for an elderly neighbor of mine who had passed away several months before. At the bottom of a cedar chest in the basement I was very fortunate to discover a dozen or so cuts of 1920s/30s fabrics, along with a 1940s apron in mint condition. I plan to use as many of the fabrics as possible for the trousseau of my Bleuette Violetta. This Japanese Peignoir is the first outfit I have made from the fabrics. This particular print was perfect for the peignoir, not only for the colors and design, but also because the pattern instructions state to use fabrics with “designs that are a little large”.

The outfit is 100% hand sewn. The belt fabric is from old linen, but the solid fabric is contemporary. Her slippers were made to resemble those the girl (on the left) is wearing in the pattern illustration seen below. They are constructed from leather and have a little pom-pom on the toe made from thread. I made the fan similar to the one the girl (on the right) is holding in the pattern illustration.

The thing I like most about sewing for Bleuette is scouring through my “stash” of fabrics and trims in order to use whatever I have on hand to make my Bleuette outfits. Sometimes I find things I didn’t even remember I had!

Upper Peignoir Detail

Back Detail