1908 Costume de Bécassine

La Semaine de Suzette
1908 Costume de Bécassine

In 1908 a pattern was offered for Bleuette to dress as the French Breton character Bécassine that appeared in La Semaine de Suzette.

I was astonished that I couldnt find an appropriate green fabric in my vast vintage stash! So I had to break down and buy some new green fabric. The red plastron fabric had to be new also. But the black bands on the costume is vintage velvet. I was able to get her bonnet, apron and guimpe from a large vintage handkerchief of very fine linen. Vintage lace was added to the apron hem.

I made felt chaussons or shoes for my Becassine costume. These would be more of a “house shoe”. However, the pattern also suggests making a pair of “festival shoes” from one of your fathers old leather gloves. These shoes were to be embroidered. Maybe another time….

The wool felt for the shoes came from an old hat. The tops of the shoes are trimmed with vintage cord that has a tiny thread of metallic running through it.  And finally, my favorite part of the entire costume…the stripe stockings! I love, love, love the stripe stockings! Made from an old childs t-shirt.

Pintucks and Lace on Apron

House Shoes and Stripe Stockings