1920 Robe Sans Manches

La Semaine de Suzette
1920 Robe Sans Manches
This “sleeveless dress” is

composed of two parts, the straight dress and the blouse that goes with it.

The pattern suggests making several blouses of different fabrics and colors in order to vary the look of the outfit, giving the effect that Bleuette has many different outfits. I made the sleeveless dress for my Bleuette, Violetta, from vintage linen. The running stitch that trims the dress was done with embroidery floss. The pattern says that

very fashionable today are blouses of light fabrics decorated with flowers or embroidered dots.

While the dots on the vintage voile fabric used for the blouse are not embroidered, it is similar to fabric the pattern describes (mine are actually squares).  I added vintage lace at the neck and sleeves. The necklace that Violetta is wearing around her neck is made from one of my childhood necklaces. And since she wanted to look just like the girl in the illustration, I made her a jump rope!

Sleeveless dress and blouse detail along with childhood necklace.