1926 Robe Habillée

La Semaine de Suzette
1926 Robe Habillée

My Bleuette, Violetta, is wearing another outfit made from the 20s/30s fabric I found at an estate sale of a former neighbor.

The pattern instructions call for a silk voile fabric to make a “dressy dress” or “robe habillée” for a formal occasion. The instructions go on to recommend using a printed muslin voile or cotton fabric for a simpler costume, since the outfit really “gets its elegance from the colors you select and from its becoming shape”. And finally it is suggested the fabric should be covered in flowers on a brightly colored background, such as pistachio green, one of the colors in vogue at the time. Now you know why my estate sale “find” was perfect for this pattern!

I gave the ribbon treatment a little twist. Instead of using one color, I combined two colors to compliment the shades in the fabric print.
The outfit is 100% hand sewn. Along with her new dress, she is wearing hand made silk knit stockings and brown suede shoes.

Upper Dress Detail

Lower Dress Detail