Caroline | Custom Fabric Border Print Dress

Border Print dress inspired by period illustration with white dress and red contrast bodice. Dress print inspired by an extant garment from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

  • Border print dress with contrast bodice.
  • Dress custom fabric designed by The Dollies Dressmaker.
  • Matching ribbon bow at bodice front.
  • Velcro closure.


  1. Katherine

    Such a lovely summer Regency dress! Like everything from this shop, it is beautifully made and very detailed.

  2. Beth

    This is a beautiful and unique Regency gown. I have never seen another like it. I see why the. material had to be custom made. Cindy is an expert seamstress and the dress reflects her expertise. Thank you for such a special dress, Cindy!

  3. LissieLover

    Another beautiful regency dress. The sleeves were just a little snug and I had minor difficulties getting them over my Caroline’s hands, but it wasn’t enough of a problem to make me unhappy with the dress. Overall very well made.

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