Felicity | Brown Church Gown

Brown church gown for Felicity inspired by illustration in the book “Felicity’s Surprise: A Christmas Story”.

  • Gown from jacquard fabric with a tone on tone scroll pattern.
  • White trim at neck and sleeves with bow at front.
  • Hand applied trim for a nicer finish.
  • Side skirt openings for pocket access.
  • Velcro closure.


  1. Stacy

    I bought this dress the minute I saw it. I have wanted a Brown Church Dress (just like in Felicity’s books/movie) for so very long. When it arrived, I immediately put it on my Mattel Felicity. She looks wonderful. It fits great, but I also noticed that it is just roomy enough that it could also fit a Pleasant Company Felicity. (They are a bit chubbier.) How do I love this dress? Let me count the ways…the material is thick and luxurious, the white details on the sleeves and neckline are exactly as shown in Felicity’s first version of her books, the brown color really complements Felicity’s autumn coloring, and the skirt has little slit openings on each side so Felicity can reach into her tie-on pocket just like Felicity’s real dress would have had. Overall, this is another awesome creation from Dollies Dressmaker. A big thanks for making such a lovely gown that American Girl neglected to make, I assume because brown is not a big seller with little girls. However, adult collector have more realistic taste and should be thrilled to have this beautiful and historically accurate dress.

  2. Karen

    I cannot say enough about this lovely dress for Felicity! The fabric is high quality and lush, the fit is perfect, the workmanship impeccable. This is a must-have for anyone who collects for Felicity.

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