Felicity • Elizabeth | Jacobean Print Gown


  • Gown from Jacobean print fabric.
  • Pointed bodice front.
  • Double picot edge braid at neck and sleeves.
  • Hand applied braid for nicer finish.
  • Satin ribbon bow with rosette at neck.
  • Side skirt openings for pocket access.
  • Velcro closure.
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  1. jan in cincinnati

    Felicity’s Jacobean Print Gown is a stunning, historically correct gown in a lovely, understated fabric. The choice of color is just gorgeous with Felicity’s auburn hair and green eyes, and the printed pattern is accurate for the time period, as well as scaled very well to the18 inch doll. The fabric is of a very nice weight and hand that lays beautifully on Felicity. But that’s not all : ) The craftsmanship is perfect. Seams lay flat and are finished well; the fit is great; hand sewn detailing like trim and ribbon rosette really top off this creation. And it arrives quickly and well packaged, and not wrinkled in the slightest. I might never take this gown off Felicity – except to dress her in another Dollies Dressmaker outfit! I would leave another positive review of the lovely Kirsten gown I also ordered, but that dress seems to be sold out now, not surprisingly! Thank you, Cindy – you are the consummate professional seamstress.

  2. Patti J

    I missed the brown church dress (drats), but this is really lovely. I think it will look really stunning on the doll, and the details of the dress are just lovely as usual. The braid between the sleeve and the neck and the ruffle drew me in to this dress initially and the rest of the dress didn’t disappoint. Like all of Cindy’s creations, this one is sewn impeccably, thought out historically to make sure every detail is correct, and looks stunning on the doll. As mentioned in another review, her work far exceeds what is coming out of AG these days. I highly recommend her work.

    Cindy, please don’t ever retire!

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