Felicity • Elizabeth | Panniers or Pocket Hoops


An absolute MUST for Felicity or Elizabeth to have the proper Colonial silhouette!

  • Basic cotton muslin panniers.
  • Three rows of boning to hold shape.
  • Side openings for pocket access.


  1. Patti J

    I used to have two sets of the PC undergarments, but can only find one, and with Elizabeth added to the mix, needed another set of panniers. These aren’t fancy, but they are a pain to make myself, so it’s well worth the price to pay for these. They are done well and they are done right. They give the clothes the right shape (and I happen to still have a pocket of Cindy’s around from forever ago) that you need for accuracy and fun. Who doesn’t want full dresses? If you’ve ever worked with boning you will know it’s not fun, and taking that down to scale makes it even worse, so I can truly appreciate Cindy’s hard work on these. Don’t let the muslin fool you; this would be a fabric of choice for girls back then, and these are quite sturdy. Once again, Cindy delivers a well done quality garment; thank you!

  2. Stephanie

    Panniers were one of the few pieces I was missing from my Felicity’s collection, so I was so glad to find that Cindy had some for sale! All of Felicity’s dresses look so much better with these panniers underneath that I can’t believe I went so long without them. I am very grateful for the time and careful workmanship that Cindy put into making these panniers for my Felicity!

  3. Kari-Lynn Hu

    These are such a nice little set of panniers, very well made and perfect for my custom Elizabeth doll. They truly are beautiful and I’m so impressed by the detail and craftsmanship! They’re perfect down to the pocket access on each side.

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