Felicity • Elizabeth | Gown and Pinner Apron


  • Two-piece outfit consists of stripe gown and pinner apron.
  • Gown with pointed bodice front.
  • Bodice and sleeve bows from VINTAGE ribbon.
  • Side skirt openings for pocket access.
  • Two tiny silver pins on apron bib.
  • Velcro closure.
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  1. Patti J

    This is a lovely gown without the pinner apron, so you really get two dresses in one. The PC/AG one for Felicity is quite plain with all of the details in the pinner, so this really gives a whole new look, whether you are wanting a contrast for Elizabeth with Felicity or just another outfit for Felicity. Again, the quality and attention to detail is impeccable, and there is never a reason to question the historical correctness of any of Cindy’s designs. I hope there are silent buyers of this out there, as it’s really a lovely combo and I’m surprised to see no reviews of it yet. The colors are really lovely and the vintage ribbon is used to great advantage. Another beautiful winning design I’m quite happy to own.

  2. Katy G.

    This is such a pretty gown, both with and without the apron. The fabric is even prettier in person–the picture doesn’t really do justice to the sweet, intricate pattern, or the delicate ribbon trim. As with everything Cindy makes, it is sewn better than any other doll dress I’ve ever seen. And for those like me who have older Pleasant Co. era dolls, all Cindy’s dresses fit them well.

  3. mickey1971

    I debated on ordering this gown before deciding that Elizabeth really needed a larger wardrobe…and I’m so glad I did. The fabric is absolutely darling and the pattern is a perfect size for doll clothes. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the blue ribbon is the perfect accent. The pinner apron has a beautiful soft fabric…really, these fabrics are fantastic, especially compared with recent AG offerings. I love this gown on Elizabeth, and I will be buying more Dollies Dressmaker clothes!

  4. Amanda

    I’m glad I got this one before it sold out! I’ve been very pleased with everything I’ve bought from DD and have almost given up on American Girl clothes because they’re inferior in comparison. This gown looks amazing, and I will definitely be purchasing the blue one with the pink apron once that’s back in stock.

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