Josefina | Calico Dress with Faux Blouse


Dress for Josefina or Clara inspired by Clara’s calico dress from the “Josefina Play Scenes and Paper Doll” kit.

  • Dress with faux blouse.
  • Two rows of inserted ruffles at hem.
  • Ribbon sash at empire waistline.
  • Velcro closure.


  1. Stacy Garcia

    I purchased this dress in November 2013 and I simply adore it! It is a faithful representation of a dress for Josefina’s sister, Clara, and was show in the Play Scenes and Paper Dolls. Actually, I am amazed at how perfectly the material and trimmings match the illustration. My BFF also collects AG (and is an accomplished seamstress) and she was going on and on about the lovely workmanship. It looks great on my Josefina and Marisol dolls, but I am sure it would be lovely on any number of AG dolls, too. I would highly recommend this dress.

  2. MDMom

    Another beautiful outfit!!! Perfectly reflects the Josefina paper doll dress from her set! Great workmanship!

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