Julie • Ivy | Jean Skirt

In the 70s it became popular to take your old blue jeans and turn them into a skirt. This was accomplished by ripping the inseam apart and inserting a triangle of fabric in the front and back. Many times embroidery was added. This is a “faux” skirt in that it did not start out as a pair of pants and the triangle is in the front only.

  • RECYCLED JEAN SKIRT ~ Skirt made from OLD jeans.
  • The OLD jeans seam down center front of skirt.
  • Hand embroidery.
  • Velcro closure.
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  1. Debra Calabrese

    I love this denim skirt! The details are amazing from the triangle insert to the hand embroidery. It looks great on Julie and is historically accurate. It’s a must have for that 70’s vibe. Well done Cindy!

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