Kirsten | Dress with Apron and Shawl


  • One-of-a-kind ensemble consists of dress, apron and shawl.
  • Dress from homespun plaid fabric.
  • Two-piece sleeve with cap ruffles.
  • Sleeve cap ruffles with VINTAGE lace.
  • Grow tuck on skirt.
  • Apron from VINTAGE linen piece.
  • Self fringed rectangular shawl from lovely loosely woven wool in square pattern.
  • Velcro closure.
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  1. Diane Steiger

    I just love this dress! The colors , the style and all the wonderful touches only Cindy can do. This entire ensemble is expertly constructed and sewn and is of the very highest quality. Thank you for another beautiful outfit and look forward to purchasing more.

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