Kit | Dress and Apron


Outfit for Kit inspired by illustration in the book “Kit’s Surprise: A Christmas Story”.

  • Plaid dress with drop waist and pleated skirt.
  • Buttons on dress and apron may vary.
  • Velcro closure.


  1. MDMom

    Excellent reproduction of a book illustration outfit!!! Great quality and craftsmanship as always! Love to read books and dress dolls in corresponding outfit as we travel through history together. Book shows Kit in this outfit and cannot buy in stores.

  2. Stacy

    This dress arrived today and I immediately put it on my Kit doll. I am in love with this outfit! The blue color is perfect for Kit and really makes her eyes “POP!” Poor Kit has so few cooler weather clothes so I cannot thank
    Dollies Dressmaker for producing this. Cindy only uses the very best material and the workmanship is excellent. These pleats are no easy task, but came out perfect. I love the apron, too. I think this would look good on any number of dolls and it has a timeless and classic styling so I would not even hesitate to buy it for a more modern doll.

  3. Lauren

    Beautiful dress and craftsmanship! I am so impressed with the quality of work that went into this dress. I am also thrilled to be able to own a dress from one of Kit’s books that was never produced commercially. I hope to see more dresses for Kit and/or Ruthie from Dollie’s Dressmaker in the future that were inspired by other book illustrations — I for one would buy them all in a heartbeat!

  4. Carol

    Another perfect outfit from AG’s illustrations. Dollies Dressmaker is quality and you won’t be disappointed by any of her outfits – but I especially like when she duplicates the outfits from the illustrations. They aren’t available from AG and without Cindy we could never own these things!! Thanks!

  5. Patti J

    This dress and apron are just adorable. I’m amazed they aren’t sold out, and would highly recommend this outfit to anyone on the fence to buy it before it’s gone. You get a great plaid dress that can hold its own along with a cute apron with the asymmetrical button trim. The red trim that matches the button is so bright and fun, and sewn beautifully. The red really makes the apron unexpected from the usual white or small all over print. Beneath all of that you get a historically correct dress sewn beautifully that’s shown in the AG books that looks really cute on Kit and surely other dolls as well. Another big thank you to Cindy.

  6. Debra Calabrese

    I love that Cindy creates outfits from the American Girl stories. This one is so adorable on Kit. The dress is beautiful on its own. The apron with its red trim and button has a vintage look that I really appreciate. The workmanship is impeccable as always.

  7. mickey1971

    I received this outfit as a gift, and I was thrilled at how beautifully made it was. The dress is so cute on Kit, and the apron is adorable. The fabrics are well chosen, and I’m always excited to have outfits that were referenced in the illustrations but never made by AG. This outfit inspired me to make a list of Dollies Dressmaker outfits to buy…hopefully before they sell out!

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