Petit Quilts | Cut and Sew Fabric Panel


Petit Quilts Cut and Sew Fabric Panel

• Quilt in two sizes.
• Approx. size large quilt – 16″ x 21″
• Approx. size mini quilt – 5.5″ x 7.5″

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Petit Quilts Cut and Sew panel. Quilt in two sizes.

• Kansas Troubles Petit Quilt offered in four colorways. Teal, Green, Purple
and Red.
• Other materials needed to make quilts: White or cream fabric, flannel, or other suitable material for quilt top backing. Optional: handmade or purchased bias binding.
• Quilt Techniques: Sew and turn or bind raw edge with handmade or purchased bias binding.
INSTAGRAM USERS! Share a picture of your completed quilt. Include it with your doll in a scene or setting if you want!
The Dollies' Dressmaker on INSTAGRAM

Petit Quilts Fabric Panel | Digital representation

Petit Quilts fabric panel detail. Digital representation.

Petit Quilts Fabric Panel | FINISHED PRODUCT SAMPLE

Kansas Troubles Quilt in two sizes.
Quilts shown were finished with the handmade bias binding technique and hand quilted.

Petit Quilts Fabric Panel | Large quilt detail

Large quilt detail.

What you need to know about Petit Quilts Cut and Sew panels:

• 100% Cotton fabric panel.
• Petit Quilts Cut and Sew panels are designed by Cindy Hernandez, The Dollies’ Dressmaker.
• Quilts are inspired by period illustrations, ads, photos or from Cindys personal quilt collection.
• Each panel comes with two quilt sizes. While the large Petit Quilt is sized for 18" dolls, it can be used for other purposes besides dolls! It comes with a coordinating quilt back. The mini Petit Quilt can be backed with the panel label if desired. They are the same size for this purpose.
• Simple printed paper instructions included. Instructions are geared toward those who already have a knowledge of how to sew and quilt. Sewing basics, seam finishes, techniques and how to quilt are not covered in the directions.


  1. Irene

    I got the purple. Pretty color and nicely printed. My thought is to quilt it using light lavender thread. A work to be in progress.

  2. Carol Sluys

    Another beautiful thing from Cindy! What a cool idea. I bought this in green and the color is rich and deep. The fabric it is printed on is really nice.. it’s a great weight and the tight weave gives it a certain look of quality. Now I have to decide to do a poor job it by hand..or a good job by machine. It’s totally aclass act.

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