Samantha • Nellie | Plaid Dress with Bertha Collar


  • Dress inspired by period book illustration.
  • Ruffled bertha collar with rosette.
  • Velcro closure.


  1. Kathleen Powers Goodridge

    Thank You for another charming dress! I imagine that my grandmothers wore dresses like this one. Black and cream plaid will look picture-perfect on my Nellie O’Malley.

  2. Lorraine

    Beautiful little dress. It looks authentic to the period & made well.

  3. Marica Buffett

    You never cease to amaze and inspire me!
    The authenticity of your designs is remarkable.

  4. Robin Blair

    I like historical dresses to look real, like something someone would have actually worn. This dress does. The scale of the fabric is perfect, soft & drapey with a woven in plaid. It fits my doll perfectly & looks beautiful on her.

  5. Debra Calabrese

    I recently purchased this dress from Cindy. It looks lovely on Samantha. The style is period authentic and the scale of the fabric pattern is perfect. As usual, her sewing is designer quality. Thank you Cindy!

  6. Katy G.

    As others have said, this is really beautiful and looks very authentic, both in terms of the design and the scale of the fabric. It is also extremely well made, as all Cindy’s dresses are. Thank you!

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