The 1905 Tablier de Maison was one of a few patterns that did not have an illustration with it. It could be made as an “apron for the house” or as the pattern states “one of those American dresses that looks like a smock”. I chose to make Mae’s as an American smock dress. I used a prize scrap of antique fabric to make the outfit. I was told when I purchased it, that it was from the 1880s. It’s a sturdy cotton, but a bit fragile. Also used was dark brown vintage velvet ribbon and a lovely vintage embroidered rosette. If you look close you can see there are tiny metal beads in the rosette that give it so much charm! For a touch of lace, a tiny scrap of vintage hand made crochet edging was tacked along the neckline. Mae is wearing purchased bottines or boots with her American smock dress along with red stockings. She wears a bow of stripe silk in her hair.
1905 Tablier de Maison

1905 Tablier de Maison | Upper Dress Detail

Bottines and Stockings